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We accept new joiners all year round: Click here to sign up!

If you would like to try kendo, please sign up using the link above. Beginners will initially be taught the following topics:

  • Basic types of kendo footwork (ashi sabaki) - sliding footwork (okuri ashi) and stamping footwork (fumikomi)

  • How to hold the sword (shinai)

  • Basic stance (chudan no kamae)

  • Solo practice cutting (suburi)

  • The four basic cuts (head, wrist, torso, throat; shomen uchi, kote uchi, do uchi, tsuki)

  • Repeated cutting exercises (kirikaeshi)

  • Paired technique drills, out of armour (kihon waza keiko-ho)

  • Kendo etiquette (reiho)

After completing the beginners course, students will continue learning more advanced techniques and learn the nihon kendo kata (traditional sword forms). Once sufficiently experienced, students will be encouraged to wear bogu to allow for full-contact technique practice and sparring.


For beginners: £20 for 4 sessions

For club members: £20 per month or £7 a session

The beginners fee costs £20 for 4 sessions and includes the cost of joining the British Kendo Association with a temporary membership (£10). Temporary membership of the BKA gives you insurance cover for 3 months while you try out kendo. If you decide to upgrade to a full BKA membership after completing the beginners course then you will be asked to pay for the remainder of the year’s fees less the joining fee.

Once your first month is complete you will then be asked to pay the normal 'club members' rates of £20 a month or £7 a session.

Age requirements

Salisbury kendo club does not have a separate juniors class. However, we do welcome juniors aged 14 and over who are happy to practice with adults. If you are under the age of 18 and would like to attend one of our beginners courses, you will need to be accompanied by a parent/guardian for the first two sessions. This is to ensure both the junior and their parent/guardian have had an introduction to kendo, understand what it entails and are content for the junior to continue with the course. Our lead instructor holds an enhanced DBS (CRB) check in line with the British Kendo Association's child protection policy.

There is no maximum age limit!


Please wear loose, comfortable clothing such as a T-shirt and tracksuit bottoms or shorts. Kendo is practiced barefoot, so please ensure your toenails are not excessively long/sharp. The club will provide a shinai for you to use for the duration of the course. There is no need for beginners to buy a shinai or kendo uniform (kendogi and hakama) until after the course has finished.